Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ok, Here’s the deal…

So, you know I have been having headaches.  Well, last week, I went to see the doctor.  I was tired of taking all of this aspirin and it not working and me walking around in a daze all the time, because my head hurt so bad.  So, Dr. J said, first of all, that my nasal cavity was too small, and that was causing a lot of stuffiness, and not enough drainage.  So, he wanted me to take a shot every 3 months, and take an allergy pill daily.  He also said that I needed to be on a new headache control medicine, which I just started today.  The headache control medicine has a wonderful side effect, which is a decrease in appetite.  So, with this side effect, he wanted me off of diet coke, which I am addicted.  AND I am proud to say today is my 3rd day without any!  There are even some in the refrigerator at home, and I haven’t touched them.  Diet Cherry 7up is awesome!  He also wanted color on my plate, no carbs, or starches.  Which I FAILED at today, I had a huge baked potato for lunch, but it was covered in color :)  Anyway, let’s just pray that this medicine works, because I am tired of having headaches.

Oh yeah, and two funnies about Gracie:

1.  I caught her biting her toenails in church-EEWW!!

2.  She said she wanted a nose ring last night.  She said, I want a sparkly thing here in my nose, and I said, Like a button to hold your nose onto your face, and she said “No, like an earring in my nose, all sparkly and pretty.”  Her dad wasn’t haven’t, he proceeded to tell her, “As long as you live in this house, you will never have one of those.”

Yep, paying for my raising… 

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