Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa’s Visit, and a few other things…

Things have been a little crazy since Thanksgiving as I knew it would, but I love it.  I love Christmas, everything about it.  The presents, the decorations, the family time, even the clean up.  I do miss it once it is over because it seems to go so fast.  I wish we didn’t have to rush, and that we got to sit there and wallow in the paper on Christmas morning, while Gracie begged to open toy after toy.  It would be so much fun, but I also love family time, so off we go…

Anyway, Gracie has already gotten to see a few Santa’s, this Santa:


gave her a stocking filled with $10 worth of gold coins.  That was at Brian’s Christmas party, and we lost out on a cruise.  Brian had sunglasses, someone stole them, and they won the cruise!  Oh well, maybe next year!

Then this Santa came to the house, walked right in the door, and surprised Gracie:


He was there checking on her to make sure she was being good.  The last two weeks, she has been reminding everyone that Santa is coming and you need to be good to get toys. 

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