Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Buttering me up

My friend invited me over for lunch today, she said I will cook.  Which is awesome, because she is a great cook!  But she was trying to butter me up for sure!!  She wanted me to create her a blog.  You see, her family is packing up and heading out to West Texas, and falling off the face of this earth :)  I kid, I kid.  So, anyway, she needs a way to update all of her friends and family back here in the GREAT state of Oklahoma on her daily trials and tribulations with her twinadoes!! 

She said, I will make something from Pioneer Woman’s cookbook, which got me all excited, because everything in that cookbook, is awesome!!  So she made this:


Buttered Rosemary Rolls



Pasta Al la Betsy

Both were awesome!!  Not only that, she sent me home with the entire tub of leftovers!!  BONUS!!  No cooking for me tonight!!

If you want to read about her twinadoes, go here.  If she hasn’t posted anything yet, come back here and tell me, because I will hound her until she does!!

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