Thursday, May 27, 2010

Need a little a help!

Really??  I am not even going to ask what else…  We need some prayers for a few people in our family.  You see, Brian’s dad, Mike called this morning, and in his true fashion, told me bluntly “I have Prostate Cancer. It is fine, they detected it early, and everything will be great, and that is that.”  That is they way he works.  I said, “Are you serious, Mike?”  Yes, Gretchen, I am serious.  Yes, he calls me Gretchen. 

Also, Ron, my dad,has two deteriorating  disks in his neck.  Short term fix was a cortisone injection, but they are talking surgery for a long term fix.  He is going for a second opinion. 

Terry, Brian’s stepdad, is leaving for Minnesota on Sunday morning, he will be having surgery on his pancreas on June 7th.  Hopefully this will fix his many of problems that he has been dealing with over the past few years.  Brian and Karmen will be flying up there on the 6th to be with Karen during this time. 

Cole, Kenna’s son, just got out of the hospital, he has had some serious problems breathing and needed to be under an oxygen tent.  He is much better now and is at home, but still needs prayers!

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