Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Soap Box

Ok, So I am going to rant for a minute, because I am sick and tired of seeing all these news stories in the papers about babies getting killed and molesters getting early release from prison just to molest again.  I mean, seriously, don't have kids if you are going to kill them or let someone molest them.  This just sickens me to no end.  Why is it that if DHS takes the child from the home for abuse, they return them after the parents go to like 6 parenting classes.  REALLY??  6 classes and they are healed, I haven't been to any, but I certainly know better than to beat my child.  I slammed Gracie's finger in the door this morning, and I felt horrible. 
Is it that the world is relying too much on medications or drugs (illegal) to get them by?  This past week, a few news stories broke, a man got beat up at the OKC bus station for his bologna sandwich.  Bologna isn't even good!  I can see if it was ham or turkey, but bologna.  Just Kidding!  Also, today, a woman got arrested for having sex with a man in return for a box of Frito lay chips.  She thought her stuff was ALL THAT and a BOX of chips!  The man admitted to having marital problems, but did he get arrested, NOPE, just her.  His name didn't even make it into the story, I wonder what his wife would have thought.  An 81 year old woman was raped and beaten while being robbed in her own home, a defenseless old lady, with no help.  The S.C. Governor, went on a "secretive" trip, that everyone was saying was to the Appalachian trail, he finally admitted to going to Argentina with his mistress, and his wife has known about the affair for 5 months.  FIVE MONTHS!!  and she has stayed with him.

Seriously, what in the world is wrong with people, and what does my child have to look forward too as she gets older, I am terrified for her.
Gena Webb

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Man, it feels like forever since I posted anything.  I think since it is summer time, everyone is busy, busy, busy!  This past weekend was Father’s Day and we had such a good weekend.  We spent 90% of our time outside in the pool, or in the flower bed.  We went swimming all three days, we were all so worn out all three nights, I don’t think we moved a muscle when we hit the bed.  My mom came up Sunday morning and helped us plant bushes in our flower bed, which looks really good, as long as our hydrangeas don’t die.  Then, B and Gracie took a nap,while I worked on hair bows.  Then we made steak for dinner, which I think B is becoming a steak expert, they get better and better every time.  Gracie is just like me, she likes her steak with a little sour cream on the side.  She eats it up!  We bought Gracie one of those rectangle pools to swim in (we go next door if our neighbors are gone), we all three got in that on Sunday, and B & I got burnt from head to toe.  Gracie was lathered up with sunscreen, I guess I should have followed my own advice.  

Either way, this week seems pretty busy starting out, but I guess I am just busy making hair bows and necklaces.  I do that after Gracie goes to bed, so I am up pretty late every night, at least until I fill these 5 orders.  After these are  filled, I will make some bows to go in down at Lavanna’s, then I will start on making up stuff for the hospital craft show, I might even do the craft show at the fairgrounds this year, we will see…

The 4th of July is right around the corner and I wanted to invite everyone over to our house.  We will go to the parade, which starts at 9:00, then go to the park, or back to our house, which ever you prefer, then we can have a cookout for lunch.  I will start planning a menu, so if you could let me know if you are coming, I will tell you what to bring.  It will be fun!  The fireworks in Marlow will be blown off at 10 pm that night, so if we aren’t  tuckered out from the heat we can walk over to the parking lot and watch the fireworks.  It will be fun!!  Come join us!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Amen to that!

Those words are music to my ears!!!
Brian Webb

Never in my life...

The other day, Gracie and I had went to the store, as we were leaving, the parents and their child got of a car and started to walk in.  The child, who was probably around 2 or 3 didn't have any shoes on, walking around on a black top surface (it was around 90 degrees outside), let alone, she was going into a filthy store.  So, as I pulled away, I started talking to Gracie, saying that when she grew up and had kids (Yes, I was sounding like my mom), that I better not EVER catch her kids without shoes in public.  It is gross and unsanitary.  Gracie looked at me, plain as day, and said "Never in my life, me having kids"
That girl...
Gena Webb

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This past weekend…busy!


This past weekend was a blast.  Friday night, Mom and Ron met us at the Relay for Life event in Duncan.  We let Gracie bounce in the moon bounce, eat pizza, play games and get candy, she had such a good time.  At the event, DRH had a booth, that they were raffling off a night’s stay at the Day’s Inn hotel in Duncan.  B and I bought 6 tickets, and I was notified later that we won.  So, a night out with my husband will be planned in the near future!  Saturday, Mom and Ron watched Gracie while B and I went to Norman.  We had a lot of running around to do, and it was nice to get away and eat a quite lunch together.  After we got home, Gracie and I went to see Lilly and Baby Cole, then went to the park.  After the park, we went swimming for about two hours.  Whew, I am not even to Sunday and I am worn out just talking about it.  Sunday morning, we got up and made our weekly trip to Wal-mart.  Brian went home to mow, and Gracie and I went to have breakfast.  We then went to Addy’s house to play for a few hours.  Gracie and I went home, she had some “quiet time” while I made some flip flops.  After that, we all went swimming for three hours.  Gracie is starting to kick her feet, and is getting brave in the pool.  She is jumping off the side, and sliding down the slide.  We had to get her a new swimsuit with the floaties in it, because her life jacket broke, and we can’t go swimming without it.  Brian bought her some Spiderman floaties to go on her arms, and we finally tried them out on Sunday, there were a few times that she was floating in the water by herself.  I am so glad she is not afraid of the water, but it makes me a nervous wreck, I am constantly worried that her face will go under and she will get scared. 

I hope everyone has a great day!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

“But Me Firsty”

So, Miss Gracie has been doing awesome at daycare, no timeouts, and we give her a treat and a sticker for every day she acts good!  Two days ago, when we were driving home, she asked if she could have a coke for her treat, so I took her and got her one, on the condition that she acted good for the rest of the night (did you know that those things are full of sugar :))  Anywho, she didn’t act good the rest of the night, so I told her no more cokes this week.  So, yesterday while we were driving home, she did get a sucker because of no time outs, but she started in on the whole coke thing.  I held firm, and said No, no more for this week.  She started wailing, saying, “But Me Firsty, Me Choking”, this went on for about 5 minutes, then she said, “Me Have too, me dying of first”  I got so tickled, but I still held firm.  No more cokes!  That girl, she is something else.

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