Friday, May 28, 2010

Just a little note…

Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks since I have had any candy or Diet Coke.  Ok, I did order a Caffeine Free Diet Coke on vacation, but it tasted horrible, and I didn’t even drink it all.  But 3 weeks, can you believe it??  As much as I drank diet coke, I would have thought I would have had to gone to rehab to kick that habit!

I have been eating a few pieces of sugar free candy when the need hits me.  It is really not that bad and the only that that I miss in my gummy bears.  Thank goodness the gift shop is all out of them right now :)  I LOVE Haribo gummy bears!  They are at their best, if you open the bag and let them sit out in the open air for a few days to get hard.  OOH, I better quit talking about them, and go get a sugar free mint, booohoo

Anyway, have a great and safe weekend!  Peace out!

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