Monday, May 3, 2010


We took Gracie fishing for the first time yesterday.  She was so excited!  She could not wait for church to be over so we could go.  We got everything ready, loaded up the truck, and headed out.  We got to the pond, that a friend of Brian’s graciously let us use, and Brian started baiting the hook.  He cast her line for her, and not 2 minutes, and she had a bite. It was awesome to see that look on her face.  Within the next 20 minutes, she ended up catching 3 fish, and of course they were little perch, so we threw them back in.  After catching her three fish, she was done.  Her patience had worn out.  So we packed it up and went home.  Either way, it was still a great time!

2010-05-02 11.14.03

2010-05-02 11.14.20

2010-05-02 11.14.28

2010-05-02 11.16.20

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