Monday, April 19, 2010

A little bit of knowledge...

Ok, so at little bit a knowledge I learned this morning, and let me just say I am sad to hear it.  Did you know that if you use liquid fabric softener, you are NOT suppose to use it on your towels.  Any towels, bath, wash clothes, kitchen towels.  It takes the absorbency away, and it can cause the towels to mildew.  WHAT??  I love how soft my bath towels are after using the fabric softener and the fabric softener sheet.  This is also why they smell so good!  But it can cause mildew, and they will start to stink fast.  If you have done this, they say to quit washing it with them now, and every once in a while, throw a whole lotta white vinegar in your wash with your towels, this will bring the absorbency back.
After reading this, I guess the same could go for your sports uniforms and such.  Take away the BO smell.


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  1. My mom used to use so much fabric softener on the towels we couldn't even dry off with them! Totally useless!


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