Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I saw this on someone else’s blog…

She is a stay at home mom, well we all do this, plus work a full time job!  I changed up her meaning for all of her titles

Moms are special, because they are all of these things:

Cook/Chef/Baker – Most of the time I do this, sometimes my husband does it, and he is a really good cook!  Sometimes there are nights when we just eat whatever we can find in the fridge, but I would say 99% of the time, we are all sitting at the table talking about our day while we eat.
Dust-er - If by dusting you mean being able to write my name in all horizontal surfaces, then yeah, I do that.  Yes, once every two weeks, but it could use it every day.  Gracie is getting really good at this.
Vacuum-er  - This is actually Brian’s job, and he does it well
Sweep-er – I hate this job, and lucky for me I don’t have a big space to sweep.  Plus I have one of those Dirt Buster electric sweeper, it is like a broom, only a vacuum, it works wonders.
Mopper (rarely) - Mopping is stupid. The floor just gets dirty again. Duh.  I thought her quote was funny, but I try to do this every other week
Cobweb Removal Specialist (rarely) – Most of the time while I am doing the dusting, but I always try to give the chandelier over the table a once over before having company over.
Window Cleaner Specialist – Gracie loves cleaning windows, she usually has the task of cleaning the front door and her door with a wipee, and believe it or not, they look pretty good after it is done.
Setter of alarms/Waker upper of children – Because I am the first one up, it takes me longer to get ready.
Loader of the Dishwasher – I always try to keep the dishwasher empty so, we can put the dirty ones in there.  I hate dirty dishes in the sink.  Brian does a great job at emptying it, when he checks it :)
Shopper of the Groceries – Sometimes, but most of the time, Brian does our shopping.  We make a list, check our coupons to the list, and he follows that list.  He spends a lot less money going to Wal-mart alone, rather than me going with him, throwing things in the basket that aren’t on the list.
Organizer of the Calendar – I keep a calendar at work, and at home on the fridge.  I write every appointment, and event on there that is happening that month.  That way, when Brian says you didn’t tell me we had ANOTHER birthday party to go to, I can say, it has been on the calendar all month.  He is getting better about reading it.
The Getter Upper in the Night with Puking Children – Luckily Gracie has only had two bouts with this, and one time I was at work, and Brian was at home alone.  The other time, I stayed up with her in the living room to make sure we didn’t spew puke all over her bedroom or mine.  I figured an empty floor with nothing in close proximity was easier to clean that sheets, dolls, stuffed animals, etc…
Checker of/Helper with Homework – The Easter bunny brought Gracie a preschool workbook, so we are starting with that.  Lord help when she gets older, because I have forgotten everything from school.  Amie, I might need your help on this…
Payer of the Bills – I do all of this through online banking and keep our bills form the previous year, neatly filed in their own little file at work, so how could he?? 
Sewer on of Buttons/Hot Glue-er of Broken Things – This is just a given.
Creator of Valentine Boxes/Halloween Costumes – Gracie and I do all kinds of crafts together, and I am sure it will get even better as she gets older.  I always loved the costumes that Mom or Aunt Teresa made for us, let’s see, clown, California raisin, hobo, flapper chick, punk rocker, etc… many of costumes.
Worrier Over Fevers/Rashes/Tummy Aches/Dental Visits/Ever Bump & Bruise - I excel at this particular one.

Receiver of Dandelion Bouquets/Pictures Drawn with Your Own Sharpies Which Bleed Through Onto the Dining Room Table/Enough Refrigerator Art to Open Your Own Museum/Free Hugs – Being a mom is the best!


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