Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a great weekend we had.   Gracie has gotten to hunt eggs 4 times over the last week, and she has enjoyed every bit of candy that filled those eggs.  She was so wound up last night, she went to sleep after I did, which was sometime after 10:30.  She was in there reading her bible to Haylee and Emma is what she said.  So, I just let her read, and went to bed. 

Anyway, we went to Brian’s Aunt Kenna’s house on Saturday, which is always fun!  Had lots of great food and Gracie got to ride a horse.  I won’t even go into that story, but let’s just say Whew!!  Anyway, she filled her basket full of eggs!


Then on Sunday, we went to FBC in Marlow, which was a great service!  We then went to Brian’s mom’s house and hunted eggs and had a wonderful lunch!! 



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