Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why do they always have to name it?

What is up with the weather guys and always having to name the storms that come through Oklahoma?  This one we are getting right now, Snowmaggedon 2011 is what I hear they are calling it, sometimes Blizzard of 2011, Snowocalypse, who cares!!  You know what, it is flippin cold, and blowing snow outside!  I don't care what you call it!  All I know is, my heater has been on non-stop since about 1:00 am, and it is still 67 degrees inside, and even though I left one of our faucets dripping last night, the shower was still frozen this morning.  Yes, I finally got it to come on, so at least I don't stink!  Brian had to dig out of 3 foot snow drift this morning to get his truck out of the garage to go to work.  Needless to say, he is not a happy camper.  Would you be if your pants were soaking wet, and your tail was freezing cold?  Our dog has peed in the kitchen floor, AND pooped in the living room!  All in all, I would say it was a typical snow day!  But I am very thankful to have what I have, especially electricity!  And to not have to work out in it.  Unlike my brother, who was at work outside, at 5 AM this morning with 5 layers of clothes on, in Elk City, OK.  Please pray he doesn't get frostbite!  Hope y'all stay warm!

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