Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This past weekend.

This past weekend, I walked 1 mile in the rain for March of Dimes.  I didn’t let Gracie walk, and she was very disappointed with me, because she was so excited to go walking.  It is usually a 3 mile walk, but since it was pouring, they shortened it.  I was soaking wet by the time I was done.  Either way, it was for a great cause, and our team raised over $3300, the second highest in Stephens County. 

After the walk was over, I went to get Gracie and took her to work with me for a while, as I was on call this weekend.  I had to do backup tapes.  It only takes about an hour, but it is just a hassle.  Gracie and I then went over to Kenna’s house and played with Lilly, Cole and Jacob.  Gracie was fairly good, until she got the anaconda grip hold on Cole.  She was just hugging him, but a little too hard. 

Anyway, Sunday we really didn’t do anything, besides laundry and clean house.  Made a really good supper, and all slept well.

This Friday, weather and good health permitting, we are going to the zoo.  This will be Gracie’s first time at the Zoo, and she is so excited to see the tigers. 

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