Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Foot Spa Party

Oh, what a wonderful night I had last night.  I went to a foot spa party!  It made my feet feel great, and my heart full.  I had so much fun with my friends, talking and laughing, it was great to visit with each other.  Brian stayed at home with Gracie and I heard that they had a great time too!  Dad took her to Sonic to get her some Chicken Nuggets and a Sherry Slushy (Cherry), with a toy.  They read books in bead, watched Tinkerbell, did a puzzle, watched Scooby Doo, then played hide and seek until I got there, of which they were hiding when I came in.  It is so cute how little kids hide, with the little snickers from under the covers, and it made it even cute, that Gracie had the hiccups, and every time she laughed, she would hiccup, and I would say “where’s Gracie” and she would reply with a hiccup and a little snicker.  I love those moments!

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