Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Night

Last night was a pretty scary situation for me.  I headed to bed around 9:30 ish and decided that I would watch the first 10 minutes of the 10 o'clock news, as they tell you the most important at the first anyway.  As soon as it come on, I saw rotation by Rush Springs, which got me out of bed and dressed very quickly.  I think B and I had my car in the garage, and everything ready for the cellar in 10 minutes, along with calling all of our peeps (you are welcome, Kenna).  After we got ready, we carefully eyed the TV of where the storm was going, and Karen and Terry pulled up.  They drove in from Bray to get into our cellar.  About 15 minutes later, the storm was getting really close, Aunt Rita, Colby, his two boys, and their two dogs pulled up.  I went and grabbed Gracie and down to the cellar we ALL went.  (of course Terry and B didn't go, and Colby stood guard at the cellar door)  I think I needed a valium, this was the first real scare I have had since I had Gracie about a storm.  I used to be the one that would stand guard at the door, just watching the storm, because I was never afraid of them.  Well, since I have had Gracie, the storms and I don't get along very well.  I have become the biggest scaredy cat about the littlest things.  I feel like I have to protect her in every way, and a storm or a car wreck is something out of my control.  We spent about 45 minutes in the cellar, then returned to our house when we felt like it was safe.  Gracie got laid back down in bed, and started to doze off.  Then, here comes the hail.  I went in to scoop her up, and decided she was sleeping with us.  About an hour of feet in my neck and her head in B's back, I took her back in her room.  I thought all was clear, until 2:00 am this morning, when I thought the hail was coming through the windows.  Needless to say, I didn't sleep at all last night!  Hope everyone slept better than we did. 
Gena Webb

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