Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well, I just wanted everyone to know that Gracie gets her stitches out tomorrow, we are super excited and she is so tired of wearing that bandage.  She keeps taking it off, I found it in the floor this morning.  The doc said that she needs to wear, to keep dirt out of the wound, and to keep her from picking at the stitches.
I made some hair bows for a lady yesterday in ER, and when I took them to her, everyone loved them, I ended up getting 15 more orders!  How awesome is that?  I will be crazy busy with that, and the garage sale coming up!
Is this Swine Flu thing not crazy?  As of yesterday afternoon, we were at stage 5 out of 6 for alert for a pandemic.  Hope everyone stays healthy! 

This Saturday, Gracie and I will be walking in the March for Babies walk, all in all, I raised $135.  I think that is pretty good, my goal was $200, but no biggie, just think your donations could save a baby today!
Thanks again, and love ya'll!
Gena Webb
Support me in the March for Babies walk on May 2nd

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