Thursday, June 2, 2011

What about when I get older?

Gracie is 4 years old, and she is always asking for things for the future.  Like she wants an iPad when she turns 7, and a cell phone when she is 5.  What makes her think we are buying her an iPad, before we buy ourselves one?  So, I started thinking, what do I want when I get older…
  • To go to the restroom by myself, with no little fingers or dog paws under the door.
  • I want to be able to take Gracie to Disney World, and let her get dressed up by the princesses
  • I want to be able to hold a conversation with my child without her whining, “but MOM!”
  • I want Gracie to be able to trust me enough and not hold anything back, I want her to tell me everything, even though I may not want to hear it, I still will listen!
  • I want her to never be afraid to tell the truth, no matter what, I don’t want her lying.  That is a personality trait that I can’t stand!
  • I want her to understand that even though I sent her to daycare every day, I loved and missed her dearly.  But Mama has to work baby!
  • I don’t want her to remember the times that I was too tired to play, or that I used the TV as a babysitter, I want her to remember every time I got in that floor and colored with her, or played Barbie's with her.
  • I want her to know the countryside, I want to be able to take her on trips all over the place!
  • I don’t ever want her to be too spoiled to wear Wal-mart clothes, I want her to embrace it and wear it with pride, and never make fun of someone that is wearing it.
  • I want her to be friends with everyone, be nice to everyone, no matter the color of their skin, their looks, or a disability…be nice to everyone
  • I want her to know the Lord, and pray to him when she fears something, he will guide her through it
  • Most of all, I want her to know that her Dad and I love her very much and that we would do anything in the world for her…except bail her out of jail (the first night anyway) LOL!

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