Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What was happening and what will be happening.

Well, this past weekend was a great weekend!  It started off, by Gracie and I having a girl’s day in Lawton.  We went shopping and then had lunch.  Finished off the day by going swimming and went to listen to some live music at the Smyth house across the street from ours and eat some BBQ.  Which was GOOD!  We had ordered a pizza at Guiseppes, but decided to eat it for breakfast the next morning once we smelled the BBQ across the street.  Sunday, we all slept late, which was nice.  Karen and Terry swung by to say goodbye on their way to Minnesota, then we ended up doing yard work, and went swimming again.  Had some good burgers and went to bed.  Slept late AGAIN!  And again, we cleaned and did yard work, although we did not go swimming, but we did cook some good steaks!! 

We have been getting ready for a garage sale. Yes, that is right, it is garage sale time!  Every year, my family gets together for a giant garage, we through all of our crap together and then we all get to go through it and take whatever we want.  Whatever is left we sale.  It is so much fun, but ask me how much fun on Monday, after we sat in 104 degree weather all day!!

I bought bubbles, sprinklers, water guns, kool-aid jammers, scooby doo snacks,etc… for the kids to eat and play with while we are working our tales off.  I am sure we will all be crabby and hot by the time it is over!

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