Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello All

Well, this is the second week with Pinky, and I think we are starting to get in a routine.  I wake up an extra 20 minutes early, let her out, feed her, jump in the shower, get out, clean up poop, put on makeup, clean up pee, fix breakfast & hair, get Gracie ready, get myself dressed, let Pinky out and nothing.  Of Course not, she already went all in the house.  Today we put her in her “Cave” as Gracie calls in and we will see how she does in it.  I know, I am asking too much, she is only 7 weeks old.

Oh another note, we are going to have a full fledge fun filled weekend!  I can’t wait for Jacob’s party tomorrow, and to look at my new sewing machine, and then ELMO LIVE!!  Whoohoo!!  We will definitely have fun.

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