Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Elmo Live…

Ok, so we took the plunge and went to see Elmo Live on Sunday. We got there early and drove around the Cox Center only twice until we found the box office. We were still early so we took Gracie to Bass Pro. If you know us at all, we are not “Bass Pro” kind of people. However, we bought jerky, jerky marinade, and some really cool storage trays for my crafts, but I think they were suppose to be for fishing lures, etc… Who cares, that is what I am going to use them for, plus we bought a few extra for the men in our family, so they can use them for their nuts & bolts, fishing lures, or whatever else it is that men have a lot of. Gracie did get to see the fish in the tank, so she was excited about that. Then it was time for the show, so off we went. Got into the Cox Center, and it was absolutely freezing. We all had goose bumps, it was so cold. At one point, I think Gracie’s lips turned blue. She watched the show, and was so mesmerized by all the singing and dancing. It was so great to see her so happy!

At intermission, she looked at us, and said It’s over. She was cold and hungry, and since we won tickets instead of buying them, we left. Her attention span was lost anyway. But not before asking for a $10 mylar Elmo balloon, which I lied and said they were only for the kids on the floor seats. Of course, I got caught lying, because some idiot beside us actually paid the $10.00 for a balloon that would have cost her $2.00 at Homeland. And she bought two of them. CRAZY!!

We then went to Carlito’s in Tri-City, which was awesome, as always. You have to try it if you ever go that way, they also own Las Fajitas in Moore, same food, same great & fast service!!! Get the steak chili rellano, it is the best! (I should get free food for talking up their restaurant, no really, I should)

Oh yeah, and by the way, I got a sewing machine on Saturday, so get ready for those pictures! My aunt taught me how to make a pair of shorts!

Here are a few pictures of Gracie at Elmo Live:

DSCF1099 DSCF1093 DSCF1094

DSCF1108 DSCF1110

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