Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Soap Box

Ok, So I am going to rant for a minute, because I am sick and tired of seeing all these news stories in the papers about babies getting killed and molesters getting early release from prison just to molest again.  I mean, seriously, don't have kids if you are going to kill them or let someone molest them.  This just sickens me to no end.  Why is it that if DHS takes the child from the home for abuse, they return them after the parents go to like 6 parenting classes.  REALLY??  6 classes and they are healed, I haven't been to any, but I certainly know better than to beat my child.  I slammed Gracie's finger in the door this morning, and I felt horrible. 
Is it that the world is relying too much on medications or drugs (illegal) to get them by?  This past week, a few news stories broke, a man got beat up at the OKC bus station for his bologna sandwich.  Bologna isn't even good!  I can see if it was ham or turkey, but bologna.  Just Kidding!  Also, today, a woman got arrested for having sex with a man in return for a box of Frito lay chips.  She thought her stuff was ALL THAT and a BOX of chips!  The man admitted to having marital problems, but did he get arrested, NOPE, just her.  His name didn't even make it into the story, I wonder what his wife would have thought.  An 81 year old woman was raped and beaten while being robbed in her own home, a defenseless old lady, with no help.  The S.C. Governor, went on a "secretive" trip, that everyone was saying was to the Appalachian trail, he finally admitted to going to Argentina with his mistress, and his wife has known about the affair for 5 months.  FIVE MONTHS!!  and she has stayed with him.

Seriously, what in the world is wrong with people, and what does my child have to look forward too as she gets older, I am terrified for her.
Gena Webb

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