Thursday, June 4, 2009

“But Me Firsty”

So, Miss Gracie has been doing awesome at daycare, no timeouts, and we give her a treat and a sticker for every day she acts good!  Two days ago, when we were driving home, she asked if she could have a coke for her treat, so I took her and got her one, on the condition that she acted good for the rest of the night (did you know that those things are full of sugar :))  Anywho, she didn’t act good the rest of the night, so I told her no more cokes this week.  So, yesterday while we were driving home, she did get a sucker because of no time outs, but she started in on the whole coke thing.  I held firm, and said No, no more for this week.  She started wailing, saying, “But Me Firsty, Me Choking”, this went on for about 5 minutes, then she said, “Me Have too, me dying of first”  I got so tickled, but I still held firm.  No more cokes!  That girl, she is something else.

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