Friday, January 27, 2012

Disciplining a Child

I saw a website that had some pretty creative ways to discipline your child, some of them are just silly but some of them might not be to bad to try on Gracie.  The one’s I might try are:

If you repeatedly open the door to your child's room only to catch him in an act of disobedience, take your child's bedroom door off the hinges. It sounds harder to do than it actually is. And it works wonders!

*I think this happened to someone in our family, I just can’t remember.  I am sure it was me, I was always in trouble!

**Also, Gracie’s door is see through (french door) so right now it is not a problem!

An especially tough but effective correction for teenagers who forget to wear their seat belts is to add an additional day past their sixteenth birthday before they can take their driver's test. Hey, it's important!  **I got grounded for two weeks from my car if I was caught without a seatbelt or if I let someone else drive my car!  But then again, I was always grounded!

If your children are constantly turning in sloppy schoolwork, get a few photocopied pages of printing or cursive exercises. (These can be found at any teachers supply store.) Then ask your haphazard child this: "What takes longer: a report done neatly in 15 minutes or one you've sped through in 10 that must be redone and warrants a page of handwriting practice?"  **We will see how her schoolwork is in a few years!

Does your child slam the door when she's angry? You might tell her, "It's obvious that you don't know how to close a door properly. To learn, you will open and close this door, calmly and completely, 100 times."

If your child likes to stomp off to his room or stomp around in anger, send him outside to the driveway and tell him to stomp his feet for one minute. He'll be ready to quit after about 15 seconds, but make him stomp even harder. 

**Gracie is already starting both of these, so might as well try it**

Some of these sound like torture though, like the Barney music or running the backyard to check for turds, YUCK!!  I am sure somehow, this one would backfire!  What do you think?

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