Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope that this year finds my family with good health, and good fortune!  And of course, many blessings!  We had a great holiday!  It didn’t start off too well, but things got better as the week progressed.  Grandma Joe passed away and she will be truly missed!  We know she is not suffering anymore, but we can’t help to be selfish, and want her here with us.  Gracie got a little bug before Christmas, but nothing a shot couldn’t take of.  She talked about that shot for almost a week.  Christmas Eve brought in a blizzard.  No kidding, A BLIZZARD!!  Here in Oklahoma!  So much snow, that my brother had to come pick Gracie and I up that night, and bring the whole family home, because his truck was the only thing that could make it through it.  Mom and Ron came to get us the next day and take us to Grandma Pat’s for lunch, because there was no way my car was going to make it down there.  I have seen snow, but never have I seen it snow so much.  We still have about 1 foot of snow in our yard.  It is slowly melting, and with the Arctic front that is suppose to hit tonight, I doubt it will melt anytime soon.  The high tomorrow is suppose to be 14 degrees, not including wind chill.  That is stinking cold. 

Luckily, we got a new heater over the holiday break!  Yeah, that cost a pretty penny!!  There goes my new washer and dryer!  Poor little Gracie and I are going to freeze to death.  Brian has even mentioned being cold! 

Karen and Terry are in Minnesota and the temp there the other day was –4, now that is cold.  I wonder what it will be like when the front hits up there.  Hopefully they will get to head home on Saturday.  The doctors are doing plenty of tests on Terry, to make sure they do the right surgery and/or to make sure surgery is even necessary. 

Gracie got a Barbie 4 wheeler for Christmas, and she has only got to ride it one time, I don’t think she will get the full effect until spring time.


Brian and I built a Sooner Snowman with all the snow we had.  It turned out pretty cute.  Although it looks like he is frowning.


Oh yeah, Gracie learned a rock star face over the break too!  Gracie got to spend lots of time with her cousins over the break too, she loved that!

All in all, it was a great break, and I didn’t make a single hairbow or bottlecap.  I crocheted a little, but mostly just spent time with the family!

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