Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chance Anderson Band

So, last week was Achievement day at school, which means, if Gracie got enough points in reading, and passed all her tests, she got to participate in achievement day.  It just so happens, a teacher at her school is married to Chance Anderson! 

He decided he would put on a concert for these kids, and let them "skip school" for the day.  So, they had shirts made up that said "I skipped school for a Chance Anderson Concert." and took them over to the auditorium for his concert.  Gracie can home telling all about it.

She rushed the stage she said, someone was standing on her arm during the mosh pit while she was trying to catch a guitar pick they were throwing at her.  They were screaming at the top of her lungs, and half of the songs she didn't even know the words too.  She even has a T-shirt and CD to prove it, I would say she had a great first concert experience!!

Mama will keep her t-shirt and make a quilt out of it later, I am sure of it.

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