Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gracie answers questions about me

Last night at Mission Friends at church, the ladies asked Gracie a bunch of questions about me, and I want to share some of them with you:

What is something Mom always says to you?  Kiss Me Goodnight

What makes Mom sad?  Pinkie bites her

What was your Mom like as a child?  Watch TV

How old is your Mom?  14

How tall is she?  70

What is her favorite thing to do?  Clean

If your Mom becomes famous, what will it be for?  Going on TV at a Restaurant  (I was actually on Discover Oklahoma while they were filming at Guiseppes’)

What does your Mom do for a job?  Eats lunch

How are you and your Mom the same?  We have silver hair

What does your mom like most about your dad?  Kissing

Oh, how I love this girl.  I am so proud to be her mother!  And speaking of mothers, I am so very thankful, that the good Lord saw it fit to bless me with the mother I have.  She is just so great!  I love you mom!

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