Friday, August 14, 2009

Gracie Lou Freebush-Oh My Lord!

Ok, so last night, we were watering the yard, and Gracie and B were in the front yard telling me (in the backyard) how much to turn on the sprinkler.  I, of course, playing a joke on them, turned it up all the way and squirted them.  Gracie looked at B, and said “I am so pissed at Mom”  Of course she got into trouble for that, but she can stomping into the house, and said “Uhh, I hate my dad!”  Needless to say last night wasn’t a very good night.   Those words rank right up there with stupid and shut up, I can’t stand those words, especially coming from kids mouths.

This weekend, I am hosting a pampered chef party, so don’t forget!  The lady that gave us the Pampered Chef shower for our wedding is doing it, she is so sweet.  Going to Norman tomorrow to get some stuff, then I am sure we will come home and go swimming, or I just might go crazy, which ever I feel the need for first. 

Have a great weekend!

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